Aleppo Soap (Savon d'Alep)


What makes our soap so special?

  • It is crafted by a Syrian Aleppo Soap Master
  • It is hand made via the hot method & takes 9 months to dry
  • It is pure and made of 4 simple ingredients: olive oil, laurel bay oil, lye, and water (scented bars have fragrance)
  • It contains NO parabens or preservatives
  • As a Los Angeles based social entrepreneurship, we are honored to engage Homeboy Industries in our packaging
  • We are proud to give back a percentage of our proceeds to Syrian refugees via the Jesuit Refugee Service

Tunisian Towels (Foutas)

Fouta: A Mediterranean Accessory

Exquisitely stylish yet highly practical, the lightweight, absorbent fouta dries quickly, resists sand, and rolls up small enough to fit into your bag.

It is a:

  • Beach towel
  • Bath/Pool towel
  • Sarong
  • Baby Blanket
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Tablecloth
  • Travel Accessory
  • Shawl
  • Indoor/Outdoor Throw

Artisanal Jewelry

Sea-Inspired Jewlery: Fish of the Mediterranean

These elegant and fanciful sea-inspired necklaces and rings are beautiful, simple accessories that give us that "resort" feeling all year round.

Hand made in Tunisia by local artisans, they come in a variety of cord and eye colors, though the etching on no two fish is alike.

I have purchased several of Balthazar & Rose’s Tunisian Towels and love them, not only are they beautiful to look at...they are so absorbent and high quality. I love them and am certain my linen closet will have more in the future. In doing business with Ellie, I am consistently impressed by her dedication to her clients and ensuring that my experience with her business is the best.
— Aleesa Daley, CEO Playa Technologies